Bed and Breakfast Industry…a special way of life

Whether you run a cozy B&B in the California Wine Country, or along the Washington coastline, we can offer you the best insurance coverage to fit your needs.

How many times has a guest turned to you and said, “It must be so much fun to own a Bed and Breakfast?”

You hate to break their bubble–yes, it’s fun, but it’s a whole lot of very hard work. Where your guests see a beautifully appointed, romantic get-a-way, you see the leaky faucet, the finicky fireplace flue, and the bride who weeps because her cake is topped with red roses instead of burgundy.

Calvista Insurance Agency, we see both sides of your business. Our Bed & Breakfast insurance program is specially designed to cover you in all kinds of situations–from plumbing predicaments to kitchen catastrophes to sticky-fingered employees.

Why a Homeowner’s Policy …Just Won’t Do

A homeowner’s policy is great–if you just own a home. However, when your home is part of your business, you need more coverage than a simple homeowner’s policy can provide.

In your business, people come to you for peace of mind.  While you work to accommodate your customers’ needs, you need an insurance company that can do the same for you.   Calvista Insurance will give you the coverage you need for a competitive price to keep your business running smoothly, even when unforeseen events occur.  If your Bed & Breakfast is part of a winery or vineyard Calvista Insurance offers policies for wineries that you can tailor to fit your unique business.

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