Farming and Ranching is more than just a business…

It’s a way of life. No one understands that better than Calvista Insurance.

Farm/ Ranch Policy

Farm and ranch owners have a different lifestyle than other businesses, which translates into unique insurance needs. Traditional coverage may not adequately respond to those needs. That’s why we have a Farm/Ranch policy which provides broad and flexible coverage for both your personal and farm/ranch needs.

Whether you run a small or large operation, own or rent your premises and land, or raise crops or livestock, one of our policies can be tailored to meet your insurance needs. Our agents will work with you to design the appropriate coverage at the appropriate price. Calvista Insurance Agency customers can expect excellent service from our dedicated staff, while providing competitively priced programs.

Our policies aren’t modified homeowners or commercial policies. They’re designed specifically for your farm or ranch, with coverages for your risks. Our wealth of experience in the agricultural market means we know what kind of protection farmers need and what kind of service you expect.

Policy Types

Farm / Ranch Homeowner
This Farm/Ranch policy may be right for you if you own the farm premises where you live. It combines Personal/Household coverages together with Farm/Ranch coverages.

Farm / Ranch Property
This type of Farm/Ranch policy may be right for you if you own or rent a farm premises, but do not live there. It provides Farm / Ranch coverages when your Personal / Household coverages are provided by another type of policy.

Farm / Ranch Renter
This type of Farm/Ranch policy may be right for you if you live on a farm premises, that you rent. This type of Farm / Ranch policy combines Personal / Household coverages together with Farm / Ranch coverages.

Protection for All Types of Farms and Ranches

Each type of farm or ranch operation faces unique risks and exposures. Here are some of the most common types with typical exposures for each. If your type of farm or ranch operation is listed, be sure you’ve got coverage for your specific types of risks. If your operation is not listed, we can still help you protect it. Contact us at 831-637-7766 for the best guidance.

Row Crop Farms
Row crop farmers have a narrow window for planting, spraying, cultivating and harvesting. Calvista Insurance understands that.

Livestock Farms
Livestock farmers and ranchers face unique liability risks like animals that wander onto roads or react unpredictably potentially injuring someone. Farm insurance provides protection for the specialized risks livestock farms and ranches face.

Dairy Farms
Farm insurance can provide equipment breakdown coverage when you insure your dairy barn, milking parlor, bulk tank, compressor and other dairy equipment.

Equine Farms
Working with horses also involves unique liability risks and exposures. Appropriate levels of liability insurance are critical if the public comes onto your farm. We also offer optional coverages tailored to horse farms and ranches for boarding, breeding and training.

Cattle Ranch
As a livestock rancher, you are faced with unique liability exposures, particularly when working with animals so adequate liability coverage is critical. Even if you choose not to insure your animals, Calvista Insurance offers coverage for animals that get hit by a car, truck or train or are accidentally shot.

Most farm insurance provides liability protection from the operation of a farm or ranch. Once you branch into other money-making ventures, you may need a different kind of policy. Calvista Insurance can offer an optional endorsement to your farm insurance policy that will cover some types of agri-tourism.

Commercial Farms and Ranches
As your farm or ranch grows, it’s critically important to talk to your agent about all of the activities of your operation to help ensure your business is properly insured. Depending on your operation, we may be able to combine a farm or ranch insurance policy with commercial liability and commercial property coverage to give you the customized coverage you need.


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